Detective Conan: Zero Executor


On 16th March, TMS released a special promotional video of “Detective Conan: Zero Executor” which is the 22nd movie of the popular anime series “Detective Conan” (to be premiered on 13th April) featuring the female protagonist Mori Ran.

“Zero Executor” revolves around a sudden explosion occuring in the giant facility “Edge of Ocean” where is the venue of the Tokyo Summit.

As the story advances, it reveals the involvement of Amuro Toru who is known as “Zero” from a secret organization of the National Public Security Bureau which operates the public security police all over Japan.

Amuro is a “triple-face” character with three identities including: a private detective “Tooru Amuro” – an apprentice of Kogorou Mouri, a member of “Black Organization”-“Bourbon” and Furuya Rei – a police officer

When Edogawa Conan the protagonist and his group get misled by Aru while chasing him, detective Kogorou is arrested as a suspect in the case of the explosion.

Although Conan attempts to find the truth in order to prove Kogorou’s innocence, he is repeatedly prevented by Arumo. Fianlly the two characters confront each other in an intense mind game.

Minami Takayama, who voices Edogawa Conan, recalled after completing her role: “The tense feeling this time is completely different from when I previously voiced for this role. It is a suspenseful battle in which the audience must pay close attention to every single line of the character. When I dubbed it, I felt like my emotions want to explode, as if I could hear my heart beat. This is actually a voice acting role filled with ‘heat’ inside”.