Mahiro Takasugi challenges himself as the voice actor in the anime “Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai”


On 16th March, actor Mahiro Takasugi announced the press his voice acting role in “Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai” (for short: Kimisui), the anime movie based on the novel of the same name by Takasugi Mahiro.

In the anime, Takasugi voices the character “I” together with Lynn-the actress who voices the protagonist Yamauchi Sakura.

Takasugi shared with the reporters: “When I got the role, I read the scripts and other documents, the director also allowed me to do trial voice-over. Although I didn’t have much experience in voice acting, it’s thanks to those who devotedly guided me, I feel like I’ve finally been able to enter the world which I’ve never experienced before. Having directly experienced the work, I will spend more time reading scripts so that I will have deeper understanding of my character.

Lynn also shared: “In this movie, there are quite a lot of conversations between my character and Takasugi’s character “I” thus I’m really interested in creating the atmosphere in the studio. I will try my best to convey the “soul” into each word, so that the audience can feel character Yamauchi Sakura can be felt as a real person and to touch their heart.

The story centers the relationship between “I” and his classmate, Yamauchi Sakura. “I” is a quiet high school boy who accidentally finds a book with the strange title” Disease Coexistence Journal” in the hospital waiting room. After finding out the book belongs to Sakura who is suffering from pancreatic disease, he gradually becomes close to her.