Is it Masaharu Fukuyama island? Special movie “Experience, islands of Nagasaki”


A video promoting the charm of Nagasaki Prefecture starred by actor-singer Masaharu Fukuyama was announced on 16th March.

In the video, Fukuyama coming from Nagasaki Prefecture appears as a navigator who conveys the charming beauty of the islands.

However, Fukuyama confessed: “I didn’t know much about the islands (Nagasaki). I can’t promote anything with such a poor knowledge.” Hence he decided: “I will become a part of the islands” in order to bring out its charm to everyone.

The video depicts Fukuyama respectively “integrates” himself into the sea, cliff, cape… in Nagasaki for instance “Saruiwa Rock”, “Aso Bay in Tsushima”, Takahama and Hamagurihama beaches, and Oosezaki Lighthouse in Goto island”…

Being the narrator, Fukuyama really concentrates on the voice recording. He keeps trying again and again so as to find the tone which suitable for conveying the charm of the islands.

Beside, while filming the messages to the residences on the islands in the studio, he hopes to remake the video himself when thinking of the way to make it more authentic: “I still have many things to say and I look forward to longer conversation.”

Video was completed after several shots.