Ryuhei Matsuda passionately plays the role of shogi player in the movie “Nakimushi Shottan no kiseki”


On 16th March, Tokyo Theatres (Japan) released a promotional video of the movie “Nakimushi Shottan no Kiseki” directed by Toshiaki Toyoda, starred by Matsuda Ryuhei and to be premiered in the autumn 2018.

The movie is based on the autobiographical novel “Naki Shottan no Kiseki” by the author Shoji Segawa (published by Kodansha). It is about his journey when he gave up his paperwork in order to pursuit his passion for shogi (Japanese chess) and created a miracle in shogi community. The actor Matsuda is announced to play Shoji Segawa, the protagonist of the movie.

The movie visualizes true and heart-touching story in Japanese shogi world. It is about a man named Segawa who is quiet, simple and inconspicuous has become successful in shogi and famous for it. In his early years, he learnt playing shogi and after a training period he became 3-dan ranked professional shogi player. However, failing to pass the 4-dan rank at the age of 26 which was required by the association, he had to withdraw due to age restriction; the door to professional shogi was closed for him.

In spite of his deep despair, Shoji didn’t give up. Once again he found back his love for shoji, later on he established his status in the amateur community. Eventually, he set a precedent for admission to shoji professional community.

The movie is directed by Toyoda who is famous for “Blue Spring” and “Close EXPLODE”.