Special video “Looking back tri. in 100 seconds” of “Digimon Adventure tri.” released


On 16th March, Toei studio released the latest visuals of Chapter 6 which is the final one of a new work “Digimon Adventure tri.” (directed by Keitaro Motonaga) in popular anime series “Digimon Adventure”. This chapter is entittled “Our future”.

The video clip reveals Omegemon Merciful Mode, a new form of Omegamon with gorgeous wings and the “chosen childen” with Digivice in their hands.

At the same time, the studio also released a short video reviewing Chapter 1 to Chapter 5 named “Looking back tri. in 100 seconds”. The song used in this video is the ending song of Chapter 6, called “Butter-Fly: tri.Version”. It was performed by the voice cast for the “selected children” including Ayumi Miyazaki, AiM, and the late actor Koji Wada.

“Digimon” is an animation series which is produced basing on the game played on LCD game machine in Japan.

The first film of the series, “Digimon Adventure” is about the adventures of an elementary school student, Yagami Taichi and his friends, together with exotic creatures “Digital Monster”, who are transported to the world called “Digital World”.

“Tri.” is a sequel to “Digimon Adventure” which was first released in 2014. In order to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the franchise, the production of “Tri” is officially announced to the fans all over Japan.

“Tri” the series takes place three years after the final battle in “Digimon Adventure 02” and the protagonist of the anime, Taichi now has become a high school student.