Anime “Garasu no chikyuu wo sukue!” about global warming issues


The screening of the completed animation in the project “Garasu no chikyuu wo sukue!” with the theme of global warming was held in Tokyo on 14th March 14. Voice artists of the anime including Miyu Honda, Rika Adachi, Kōichi Yamadera, Miu Tomita and Miina Tominaga also attended.

The project is named after the late Osamu Tezuka’s essays written about environmental issues. In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Japanese animation, the Association of Japanese Animation collaborates with the on-going project “Anime NEXT_100” and the national campaign “COOL CHOICE” by Ministry of Environment dealing with global warming issues in order to produce two anime “Chikyuu to no yakusoku” (Promise to Earth) and “Watashitachi no mirai” (Our future).
The animation is not intended for theatrical release or television broadcast, but to be screened this summer in many areas and schools throughout the country. “