Noritake Kinashi…opens food stall while filming – story from the crew of “Inuyashiki”


On 29th March, Noritake Kinashi, a member of the comedy duo “Tonneruzu” appeared at the preview of the movie “Inuyashiki” directed by Shinsuke Sato (premiered on 20th April), held in TOHO Cinemas Hibiya (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo)

In the event, the crew excited the audience with an interesting “anecdote” about Noritake Kinashi. Everyday, as his routine, he opened a food stall cooked for his colleagues and everyone in the crew as well.

Takeru Sato, Kanata Hongo, Ayaka Miyoshi and the director Shinsuke Sato also attended the event.

Actress Ayaka Miyoshi excitedly told a funny story: “Noritake Kinashi grilled chicked”: “(during the break) When I was in the studio, I suddenly felt a delicious smell coming from the outside. Being curious, I ran out and figured out that he was grilling chicken.”

Kinashi said: “The producer told me that it woul take a very long time to complete the special effects, hence I opened the food stall in the mean time.”

Inuyashiki is the live action movie, originally adapted from the manga of the same name which was serialized in “Evening” magazine (Kodansha) by Hiroya Oku – who is famous for “Gantz”

The story centers on the confrontation of the two characters who become “cyborg” (half man-half machine) after a mysterious accident. They are Inuyashiki (by Kinashi) who is an ordinary official reaching his retirement age and Hiro Shishigami (by Sato), the high school boy, who has increasingly engaged in doing evil things after discovering his new powers.

The movie features the appearance of Mari Hamada, Yuki Saito and Yusuke Iseya.