Toei Animation released latest images of “Dragon balls-Super” the movie


On 22nd March, Toei Animation released the latest images of “Dragon ball super” the theatre version, it is the 20th work of the popular anime “Dragon ball” based on the manga of the same name by Arika Toriyama.

In the anime, the audience will have the opportunity to understand the origin of Son Goku’s power, the protagonist who is the mightiest Saiyan warrior in the universe. The latest images reveal Goku is warming up and get ready to fight against his new enemy.

Although his enemy has not been revealed, the audience may guess he also belongs to the Saiyans from the released images. Toriyama, the author of the manga commented: “This character plays a very important role, who will be a formidable enemy of Son Goku.”

This anime is the first theatre version in 3 years after “Dragon ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ was released in April 2015 and it is a sequel of Dragon ball television series that ended on March 2018.

Production crew includes Toriyama as the scriptwriter and character designer, Nagamine Tatsuya as the director (he is also the director of the movie “ONE PIECE FILM Z”), and especially Shintani Naohiro, who first works as the visual director of the movie. Previously, he worked on a number of anime, such as “ONE PIECE””.