Trailer of the anime “Shikioriori” revealed


Trailer of the anime “Shikioriori” (directed by Ri Haorin, Ishaoshin and Yoshitaka Takeuchi, to be premiered this summer) produced by CoMix Wave Film (CWF) was released on 22nd March

The anime depicts three separate stories set in three different Chinese cities, and the trailer contains important scenes of each story.

“Shikioriori” consists of three short stories, titled “Hidamari no choushoku” (Sunny breakfast), “Chiisa na fashion show” (A small fashion show) and “Shanhai koi” (Shanghai love).

Chinese director, Ishaoshin is in charge of producing “Hidamari no choushoku”. Yoshitaka Takeuchi – CG director of “Shinkai” is responsible for the story “Chiisa na fashion show”. Lastly, Ri Haorin – a director from China is in charge of “Shanhai koi” production.

“Hidamari no choushoku” centers on the theme of “food”.

The story depicts the memories of Bifun Sansei and his grandmom in an idyllic and beautiful landscape of Hunan Province – where is the hometown of director Ishaoshin.

“Chiisa na fashion show” is a story based on the theme of “clothes”, describing a tale of two sisters who live in their childhood memories in Guangzhou.

“Shanhai koi” is a story about “life” and it is an amazing work of the director who produced “5cm/s”, Shinkai.

The story takes place in Sekimon in Shanghai – the hometown of the director, Haorin portraying youthful emotions of the boys and girls in the city.