Teppei Uenishi and Yū Serizawa voice the main characters in the anime “3D Kanojo Real Girl”


Promotional video of the anime TV series “3D Kanojo – Real girl” which is adapted from the original manga by Mao Nanami and was serialized in comic for women “Desert” (Kodansha) was released.

“3D Kanojo Real Girl” was serialized in “Dessert” from 2011 to 2016, and its accumulative issues exceeded 1.2 million copies.

Anime depicts the life of Tsutsui Hikari who is a high school boy and a real “otaku”, has a relationship with Igarashi Iroha who is a stylish and sassy girl. Being smitten by confident and free-spirited Iroha, he gets to know more about real world thus becomes more mature.

Teppei Uenishi and Yu Serizawa voice Hikari Tsutsui and Iroha Igarashi respectively.

The anime is drected by Takashi Naoya (Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru) and written by Deko Akao.

Furthermore, it is animated by Hoods Entertainment, the animation company which is famous for “Seikon no Qwaser”.