Yo Oizumi and Nana Komatsu star in “After the rain” (Koi wa amegari no you ni)


On April 4, TOHO (Japan) released a promotional video with the theme song of the movie “After the rain” (directed by Akira Nagai, and to be premiered on May 25).

The theme song, “Front Memory” by the famous band “Shinsei Kamattechan” is composed by Kameda Seiji and performed by Suzuki Emiko.

The idea of a theme song like “Front memory” was formed in Mayutsuki Jun’s head while he was writing the original manga of the movie.

In the promotional video, the audience can enjoy amusing scenes, for instance when the 45-year-old manager (by Ozumi) was blown off in the storm as he was forced to respond to the love confession of 17-year-old girl (by Komatsu)…

“After the rain” is the live action movie based on the manga of the same name by Mayuzuki Jun which was serialized in “Weekly Big Comic Spirits” (Shogakukan).

The story depicts series of events in the heart-rending love story of Tachibana Akira (by Komatsu), who is a former track star and Kondo Masami, the manager of a family restaurant where she works part-time.