PV of the anime “Hisone and Masotan” released


PV of the animated movie “Hisone and Masotan” with Shinji Higuchi, a storyboard artist (director of Godzilla Resurgence) as acting as executive director was released.

The anime revolves around the story of a rookie named Hisone starts working in Gifu air base of Japan Air Self-Defense Force, later she becomes a pilot flying a dragon which takes the form of an aircraft hidden in the base.

Some of the voice actors featuring in the anime, that are Misaki Kuno as a rookie at Gifu Base of Japan Air Self-Defense Force, actress Tomoyo Kurozawa as the petite girl Kaizaki Nao, a candidate for D-Pilot (dragon pilot), Maki Kawase as Hoshino, a dragon pilot in Tsuiki, Fukuoka Prefecture, and Matsunojou Kanda as both the narrator and Masotan the dragon.

Other voice artists including Satomi Arai, Kaori Nazuka, Romi Park, Yuuki Kaji, Nakiyushi Tokumoto, Rie Kugimiya, Junichi Suwabe and Jouji Nakata also appear.

The opening theme song titled “The Girl Crosses That Sky” is performed by Riko Fukutomo, the winner of 8th “Toho Cinderella Audition”.

Artists who voice D-Pilot team namely Kuno Misaki, Kurozawa Tomoyo, Kawase Maki, Arai Satomi and Nazuka Kaori perform the ending theme song “Le temps de la rentree ~ Koi no ieji (Shingakki)” (a cover of France Gall).