PV of the anime “Piano forest” based on a manga by Makoto Isshiki released


PV of the anime “Piano forest” which is based on original manga by Isshiki Makoto, was released.

The manga was initially serialized in “Young Magazine Upper’s” (Kodansha) in 1998

In 2004, the magazine was closed, thus the manga went on hiatus. In 2005, its serialization was transferred to “Morning” magazine and continued the publication until 2015.

In 2008, this manga won the grand prize for the best manga at Media Arts Festival, and in 2007, the animated version was also released.

It is a story about Ichinose Kai, a boy who uses a piano thrown in the forest as a toy during his childhood. After meeting Sousuke Ajino, who is former master pianist and Shuhei Amamiya whose father is a great pianist, his talent blooms and he takes part in the International Frédéric Chopin Piano Competition.