「 POKEMON 」's latest news

On February 27th, 1996, Nintendo Company (Nintendo Co., Ltd.) introduced a Gameboy software called “Pocket Monster Red Green,” to the market and the word spread among Japanese elementary school students and became a huge hit. Not only the game, it also it became a hit in the field of animation and movie, in which the character appeared as “Pikachiyuu” became so popular not only in Japan but also in foreign countries.

In April 1997, TV Tokyo Channel 12 televised the animation series which drew highest audience of 18.6% in November 1997. The movie version was released on the following year and the theater edition earned a record of Yen 7.24 billion.

Synopsis of Pokemon, the strange creature, pocket monster (Pokemon) lived in a world cooperating mutually with humans. Many young boys and girls created “pokemonbattle” in order to become the strongest trainer.

The boy Satoshi who lives in Masara Town is one of them aiming to become a “pokemonmaster.” On his 10th birthday he received a Pokemon from Doctor Okido who lives in the same town and Satoshi started on his journey. But Satoshi overslept on the following morning and hurried to continue his journey. Alas, to see Hitokage, Hushigidane and Zenigame were taken away by the rivals.
So the doctor gave Satoshi another Pokemon called, “Pikachu.” At first glance Satoshi was highly thrilled. Satoshi then started his journey but Pikachu never cooperated. But on their way, they cooperated and fought Onisuzume and became close partners. They met many people and encountered Pokemon repeatedly. The daily life of Satoshi and his companions continue.